Data Management starts with our Program Management team. We have the capabilities to retrieve data via ftp, email, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM.  A projects data is stored on our servers and is backed up in real-time. Once assigned to a designer the core data received will be preserved as master. The data is managed by our Program Manager and any changes received will be communicated to the design staff.

CBS Tool has available the corporate systems our customers utilize to develop their products. Native CAD language is important to each product. With these tools we are able to secure the GD&T embedded within each of the corporate systems file structure. Our design team is able to translate industry standard IGES, STEP and a host of other standard file formats.

CBS Tool can produce numerical controlled programming code that allows our CNC machines to carve out 3D designs to precision tolerances. With DNC capabilities our code is post-processed and sent directly to the machine via a direct link to the controllers. We have a secured network that preserves and stores our data with cloud backups that perform in real-time. In case of a disaster our data is always preserved and can be retrieve without loss of time.

Our CAD/CAM systems are networked with Intel, AMD based PC-workstations with the latest processors and large memory and storage capabilities. A 3D solid model design can be brought to the manufacturing floor via a 36" color plotter that allows us to control our CAD/CAM process with minimal need to create large detail layouts. Our manufacturing support process is key to our tool builders success. Each product that is produced is controlled by this process. Digital analysis of each detail can be retrieved from the CAD design and built to the precision that our design stipulates. The same information is part of our inspection process.  We can ensure that our data is coordinated through out the entire product development process by sharing the CAD models with our Inspection team.

Our Coordinate Measurement Systems are TARUS built with granite tables that measure 5' x 10' and 6' x 10'. The 5' x 10' machine incorporates Wenzel controls with Open DMIS software. The 6' x 10' machine runs Tarus controls with Tarus SPUD and Easy DMIS software. The vision system has a working envelope of 8" x 10" and has integrated controls. Each machine holds calibration and maintenance schedules that adhere to our quality standards. We offer 3rd audit (A2LA availability) for all of our products that we produce.

CNC Milling Machines

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CBS Tool controls its products through a CAD/CAM process that assists the code generation for Computer Numerical Control of the machine tool. The code is uploaded to the machines via a Direct Numerical Control link and the computer is able to interpret the design intent of the tools that will be manufactured. Our design department utilizes the latest tools to assist this control process and our products are streamlined through CNC machining. Our skilled machinists are dedicated to each machine center to ensure that the products are accurately produced through this technology. Our machine tools are calibrated annually and undergo regular scheduled maintenance checks to ensure accuracy & reliability.


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Coordinate Measurement & Vision MAchines

CBS Tool's floor is host to a variety of CNC Machining Centers which have access to all of CBS Tool's machining data. Each machine is equipped with a personal computer that is capable of post processing code, downloading data to control memory or through DNC.

  • Our work envelope is capable of the following paramenters:
  • Fadal VMC 60 x 30 = X=60" Y=30" Z=26"
  • Fadal VMC 40 x 20 = X=40" Y=20" Z=24"